Below are some of my recommendations.

By: Baldev and Gurjeet Dhaliwal

Nicki worked really hard, and the way she staged the house, it was sold within a week and whatever we expected, we got the price. We are so happy. Thank you so much. Yeah, we’re more than happy. Nicki did an awesome job staging the house. And whoever came here, they said it’s a lovely house and nicely decorated and we’re very pleased.

By: Mia King

Nicki is a positive-minded person with a can-do attitude. She has the ability to think analytically as well as creatively, which lends itself well to project management and solving sudden problems. Nicki is results-driven, discovers ways to decrease project costs while increasing efficiency, and always hits her deadlines. She is friendly and connects with people quickly - I highly recommend you hire Nicki!

By: Allan Yarmoluk

I am pleased to offer a letter of recommendation for Nicki Saini. Having her as a member of our team at Co-Pak, I found her to be professional and respectful with her fellow associates. She is dedicated and very thorough in carrying out her daily function as a project manager. In addition, Nicki’s attention to detail and the willingness to assist both associates and sales staff has earned her admiration from all who worked with her. Nicki has demonstrated on many occasions the ability to meet short time lines and ensured accuracy in her documentation. Nicki is a good listener who values individual ideas and one who encouraged input from her peers.

By: Bibi Husein

Nicki is a loyal and dedicated employee who gives her very best in her job. She has been a great colleague and has made lots of friends at Carswell during her tenure with us. Never without a smile and always willing to help.

By: Carla Affe

Nikii was always an amazing individual. Extremely solution oriented and ensured the everything was done on time.Being personable and hard working as a team member at Carswell.